Phish Collection

Phish is another heavy hitter in the jam band scene. They have garnered quite the following over the years. They have also put together some very memorable lyrics. It's not a competition. You can still like one band while you like another. Everybody brings their own sound, their own style, their own family to the table. Again, lyrics can be interpreted to mean what you want them to mean. What you need them to mean. Although our band just happens to Widespread MF'n panic, we didn't want to leave all you Phish lovers in the dark. This collection is an attempt to bring you some of your favorite lyrics. If we missed something, let us know. We take requests. But here  some t-shirts (Bella + Canvas 3001) and posters to wet your beak. If you are seeking a towel or pillow, or anything else we offer just shoot us an e-mail.
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