About GypsyPanic

Our Name

The word gypsy has 2 meanings for me. The first is a reminder of my first love and my first dog, Gypsy Bear. I thought it was nice way to immortalize my princess. The second is from one of the meanings of the word gypsy - someone who likes to wander and travel, are free-spirited and nomadic by nature - which is an accurate description of our Panic family.

And Panic, of course, is taken from - you guessed it - Widespread MF'n Panic.

Our Story

A few years ago I had an idea of starting a business centered around Widespread Panic and the music which they play, the concerts we attend, and the memories which we make. I wanted to work on something that makes me happy and involve the band that pretty much changed my life.

I asked myself, what if I were to posterize the setlist of my favorite shows and hang them next to the WSP show posters covering my walls? Could it be a conversation piece, a memory I could share with others, a detailed reminder of the best times of my life... and something that other WSP fans would want as well?

My thought was that most Panic fans have at least one concert poster on their wall, or at the very least, in a closet. And then there are many of us have our walls covered in them. And each of those fans looks as those posters and remembers the feeling of the show, memories of the people they share that experience with, and maybe a vague recollection of the songs that were played. What if that vague recollection could be turned specific by a setlist poster that matched in color the poster from the show?

With input from my partner in crime my short sighted vision has grown into something much larger. First it was setlist posters, then how about setlist t-shirts, and lyrics and quotes t-shirts, and maybe some t-shirts for for those with local pride. And then I moved on to Festival gear. Funky, crazy, stylish apparel and accessories inspired by WSP. And then I thought why not broaden our horizons and include other artists which Panic covers or has gained some inspiration from over the years. And as our offerings grew, so did our understanding and definition of the GypsyPanic brand. (We decided to create GypsyPanic Gear products too!)

Our Brand, Motto, and Mission

GypsyPanic's motto is based on 3 things which any concert goer, live music lover, Widespread Panic fan can identify with: “Sharin’ Memories”, “Relivin’ Good Times”, and “Keep Travelin’” to keep making those memories and sharing those good times!

Our mission is to create great products that are meaningful to Widespread Panic fans and beyond. e want to introduce some of these great lyrics along with some fun fashion to those unfamiliar with the band we all grew up on. An ambassador you might say. Our goal is keep an open mind. We will continue to evolve as a business and a website. We want to keep things simple, affordable, yet deliver a unique high quality product. This isn't about getting rich but about doing something which puts a smile on our faces.  

Our Products

Our shirts feature lyrics, quotes, sayings, and set lists among other things. Our products range from awesome and cool to silly and simple to old school and everything in between. We are primarily focused on Widespread Panic but our clothing can be worn by anybody, anywhere, at anytime. 

We will be integrating other products and new designs on a regular basis so check back regularly. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to request a particular set list or t-shirt design.

Our T-Shirts

We had many options to choose from when selecting the shirts to print on. We chose these shirts because of their superior quality and comfort. They feel amazing. Soft and comfy. These shirts fit to size and are form fitting for the most part. Super soft, not like those burlap sacks you get from some of the other retailers out there. Honestly, you can sleep in these. They are destined to be your favorite tees.

We used Bella + Canvas 3413 Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Tear Away Label for our Men's t-shirts. These can be worn by both men and women (hence the word unisex). (Only for Widespread Panic Lyric, Theme, and Setlist T-shirts)

Our Women's t-shirts are made with Bella + Canvas 8413 Ladies Triblend Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Tear Away Label. These t-shirts as just as comfortable but solely intended for women. They have a slightly lower neck line and typically run a bit small. (Only for Widespread Panic Lyric, Theme, and Setlist T-shirts)


All other T-Shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. However these are still Bella-Canvas products.

This is why you see the price difference between some shirts. All of our shirts are extremely quality however the Panic shirts are a little ore expensive because they are tri-blend. Just FYI.

Please read the product descriptions prior to purchasing and user the size chart to determine which size to select. 

The People Behind GypsyPanic

My name is Mike and the other half of GypsyPanic is Beth. We have been major players in each other's lives going on 5 years now. Everything you see within this website was done by us. That's over 1900 products. Believe us, we find it hard to believe ourselves. We began this company together but I have since taken sole control of GypsyPanic. But I can honestly say this site would never have been possible if not for Beth's sacrifice, hard work and expertise!! Seriously!!

I am from the low country, Charleston,SC, a hotbed for Panic freaks and southern jam bands. I've been seeing the boys since 1993. That is roughly 300 shows spanning all over the country, including PELP.  How, when, where did my fascination start with this way of life? Well, my big brother turned me on to Widespread Panic back in high school. The life changing moment occurred at HORDE Fest in Charlotte. I remember like it was yesterday: how I felt, what I heard, who I was with. I remember walking out during mid set, finding a pay phone, and calling my brother, collect, to thank him for changing my life. True story. That first time hearing those boys from Athens, GA did something to me that I can't explain. Still can't explain. I haven't looked back since and have gained some great friends and amazing memories during this journey.

Beth and I both now reside in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX. I'm still seeing the boys when adulting permits it and still running with the same Panic crew I did back in the 90's, as well new members of the Panic family. We each have full time jobs and took on this endeavor as a fun project. It at times has turned into another full time job. It has been trying, difficult, frustrating, tiring, stressful, yet its been extremely fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

Welcome to the beginning of GypsyPanic's journey. I thank you for sharing this ride with us. I have no doubt that it will be a long, strange trip. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I want to give you what you want. 

And remember what GypsyPanic's about...

Relivin' Memories, Sharin' Good Times, and Keep Travelin'. This website wouldn't be here without you or the sounds and lifestyle Widespread Panic has bestowed on us. I will be forever grateful for that.

Peace, Love, and Panic.



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GypsyPanic LLC respects and supports the rights of all musical artists. We encourage you to support Widespread Panic and any and every other artist mentioned within our website by purchasing their officially released music, apparel, as well as by attending their concerts.

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